How to Write Scholarship Request Letter for Quick Approval!

Due to financial issues, many of us do not continue higher education. But do you know every year so many government and private universities donate scholarships to college students? The main purpose behind this is to support smart and brilliant students to pursue higher education without facing any monetary issues.

Many organizations, institutes, welfare societies, and companies offer and donate a scholarship to praiseworthy students to support them for higher studies. You can also request for scholarship, in case you cannot bear your study expense and want some financial relief from the scholarship sponsors. And to get a scholarship, you need to write a scholarship request letter and we’ve got some of the best samples for the same.

Writing a letter for a scholarship request is the best way to state why you are suitable for this scholarship. In this letter, you should mention all the achievements that will help you to impress the organization members and to grant the scholarship. To compose the best scholarship request letter, you need to follow some writing tips with proper format.

Here are some sample letters of scholarships which includes a scholarship letter template. But before that let’s see few tips that can help you to write the scholarship request letter in a better way.

Scholarship request letter sample

Here’s How to Write a Scholarship Request Letter

While writing this letter, you should mention why you need this scholarship and why you are perfect for acquiring this scholarship in the first paragraph. The language you use in this letter should be formal with the correct sentences and phrases. Before composing this letter, you should proofread the letter once.

If you want a scholarship and if you are writing the letter the first time, you can use the below-given writing tips, and the format.

Tips for Writing Scholarship Request Letter

  • You should show respect for the receiver.
  • Your letter should be free from grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Do not skip any details.
  • Enclose the letter with a vote of thanks.

So I hope you have not got a clear idea about what a scholarship request letter must include. So let’s see some samples and few templates which you can use to apply for scholarship.

Scholarship Request Letter Sample







Subject: Request to Approve my Scholarship

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to you asking for the scholarship. Sir, I have completed my graduation from (name of university or college).

It will be my pleasure to get a scholarship from your organization as it very necessary for me to continue my higher study. I will be very much thankful to you to get the financial support from you. Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

Name & Sign


So that’s how simple it is to write a scholarship request letter once you complete your graduation. Now let’s see how you can write a request letter to get scholarship and admission both at once.

Scholarship Request Letter to Get Admission in the Medical College


Julie Thompson

1285, Simpson Ct, Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

31st December 2019


Accurate Pvt. Ltd.

3000, River Ridge Road,

Chillicothe, Ohio.

Subject: Scholarship request letter to get admission in the medical college

Dear Mr. John,

I was excited to read about your 12,000$ scholarship that will be giving to one lucky college student. My aim is to go Koc University, which is the best Medical University in Turkey to pursue a nursing degree. From my childhood, it has always been my passion to be a nurse.

My mother was a nurse before she passed away and she loved taking care of her patients. By completing my nursing, I will not only fulfill my dream but also I will tribute to my mother who spends her life to look after her patients.

I completed my graduation from Reynoldsburg High School in 2018 with first class. I took a break for travel but now I am ready to start my studies. I was an active student at my high school and participate in many debate competitions and extracurricular activities.

I know you will receive many scholarship applications. I hope you will consider my application and allow me to fulfill my dream of being a nurse.

The medical field is challenging and I will ready to accept all the challenges. To be a nurse is everything for me but I cannot bear the cost of room, board, books and all other charges. I appreciate your concern. Kindly accept my scholarship application.


Julie Thompson


Well, that’s it! I hope you now understand how to get an admission along with a scholarship well before you join the college. That could help you to cut down your daily expenses and you can earn more by doing a part-time job as well. Moreover, you can use these types of scholarship letters in order to get an admission in universities like Bilgi University, Dogus University, Gazi University, Ankara University and a lot more.

Final Verdict!

You can also use our scholarship request letter sample to compose the letter without any errors. To know more about the the best universities and scholarships in Turkey stay tuned to our website for regular updates.

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