15 Best Universities in Turkey to Study in 2021!

Turkey, in the last two decades, has turned into a huge ecosystem for students, universities, professional courses and educators. The universities in Turkey have evolved into monuments and a place of opportunity. The advent of the digital era transformed historic buildings into modern buildings filled with technology, innovation and collaboration. Time and again, Turkey proved […]

Know About Istanbul Bilgi University Ranking, Tuition Fees & Scholarship Programs!

About Istanbul Bilgi University Bilgi University is one of the young universities in Turkey. Established in 1996, this 24-year-old university boasts of academic courses and technical courses for all undergraduates and postgraduates. The magnificent university is a beautiful amalgam of technology and grand architecture. There are four campuses that are centrally-located in Istanbul. Bilgi is […]

10 Best Private Universities in Istanbul, Turkey!

Ever wondered why a plethora of students choose Istanbul in Turkey for higher education? As they say, Istanbul is one of the best and popular for its medical treatment, tourism, investment, and higher studying amongst all cities in gulf countries. For the higher study, Istanbul must be on your list as it some of the […]

List of Medical Universities in Turkey for International Students in 2020!

Studying medicine remains a dream for many in their hometown. Due to some reasons they give up their dream. Some of them might be, unable to afford the tuition fees, not enough opportunities in country and many more. But nowadays, colleges in different countries provide various medical courses to international students. These colleges are highly […]

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