Know About Istanbul Bilgi University Ranking, Tuition Fees & Scholarship Programs!

About Istanbul Bilgi University

Bilgi University is one of the young universities in Turkey. Established in 1996, this 24-year-old university boasts of academic courses and technical courses for all undergraduates and postgraduates. The magnificent university is a beautiful amalgam of technology and grand architecture.

There are four campuses that are centrally-located in Istanbul. Bilgi is now home to over 20,000 students, 45,000 alumni and nearly 1,500 academicians. There are more than 7 faculties, 3 institutes, 4 schools, 3 vocational schools and over 150+ programs for students. Bilgi is not just a school, it’s a place that prepares its students for life.

Istanbul Bilgi University

Programs Offered in Bilgi University

Bilgi has around 150 programs. Here is a comprehensive list of the best programs offered by Bilgi. They’ve been grouped under specific categories to help students choose the right course for them in BIlgi University in Istanbul.

#1. Business & Management

The university has around 10 bachelor programs under Business and Management. This program encompasses courses related to business and management. It is a great choice for undergraduates who’re looking to excel in the area of business.

#2. Engineering & Technology

Bilgi has 8 bachelor courses in Engineering and Technology. In the last fifteen years, Turkey has opened its avenues to improve technology in this digital era. There have been various engineering courses that students have been eagerly working towards such as Big Data Analytics, IT, and so on.

#3. Social Sciences

Along with technology, Bilgi ensures that the students have equal opportunities to embrace art, philosophy, culture and history. As part of their Social Sciences program, they have over 8 different courses for Social Sciences.

#4. Arts, Design & Architecture

Turkey’s beautiful landscapes are a complement to the modern architecture sprawling across the country. This program offers 8 different courses for students who wish to study Arts, Design and Architecture.

#5. Computer Science & IT

Bilgi also has 3 Bachelor courses in Computer Science and IT. This is great for those students who have an interest in advancing in the field of computers and IT. Turkey has been evolving in all senses in the past two decades and has extremely advanced in terms of technology.

#6. Hospitality, Leisure & Sports

Turkey’s topography is a mix of beautiful landscapes and iconic tourist destinations. With a great opportunity for hospitality, tourism and leisure, this course holds a great value. This course offers a wide range of prospects for students.

#7. Humanities

Humanities help students ask questions in a way to unravel things about histories, cultures, and languages. This program offers 2 bachelor courses that are great for students who wish to ask more questions about being a human and what the world has to offer.

So these are some basic graduate and undergraduate programs offered by Bilgi university in Istanbul. Know more about various programs on the official university website.

Bilgi University Programs Ranking and Fees

Bilgi University Ranking

Bilgi university ranks 1881 all over the world and it ranks on 52 nationally. The overall score given to this university is 66.2.

As of now, Middle East Technical University ranks on 1st position in Turkey with 73.4 points according to cwur website.

Bilgi University Fees!

The fee structure depends on the nationality. If you are from Turkey, the tuition fees start from 21.500,00 ₺ depending on the course you choose.

You can find the complete list of fees sorted by course type from this PDF file. This is only applicable for the residents of Turkey.

If you’re not a resident from Turkey and you are an international student, the tuition fees are different for you. The fees starts from $2200 and goes up to $9720 depending on the course you prefer.

All these fees are annual tuition fees which includes VAT as well. To get detailed information on Bilgi university fees for international students, you can download this PDF document.

Scholarships in Bigli University

Most of the universities in Turkey have scholarships in one or the other form. If you’re too looking to get a scholarship in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, along with studying in top-class university, Bigli is your way to go!

It has a wide range of scholarship options available. Starting from OYSM to achievement scholarships and from need based to sports scholarships, there are a plethora of options to choose from. Discounts such as Alumini, Teacher, Sibling, IB discounts etc are available for those who are working a faculty.

So overall, it’s a win-win situation for both students and faculties as well working at Bigli university.

Closing Thoughts

Turkey is a great place for those who want to experience a country rich in culture, language, history and people while improving prospects in life. Turkey offers many opportunities for students who wish to study and grow academically. Istanbul Bilgi University is one of the youngest, modern and the best private universities in Istanbul.

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