Turkey Scholarship 2021: How and Where to Apply!

What’s it like to study in Turkey:

What is Turkey scholarships? How to apply for Turkey scholarships 2021, application form, why best scholarship, etc.. Turkey, a beautiful amalgam of European and Oriental cultures. It’s a great student destination for those who’d love experiencing new cultures. Besides the delicious food, culture, sights and architecture, it’s has a great academic reputation that is growing with new and old universities.

Scholarship request letter sample

If you’re someone who is looking out to study in Turkey, then this article will provide you with the best information about the what, why, where, and how to study in Turkey. With new information on Turkey scholarships, you can make the right decision to figure out how to improve your prospects in the future.

The Big Why?

Turkey is a beautiful country filled with magnificent architecture, rich culture, and hospitable people.

Students choose Turkey to pursue their education because:

Hospitality: Turkish people are extremely hospitable and are kind to help out anyone in need. They’d definitely reach out to help any student learn the ropes of fitting in Turkey.

Turkey student Scholarships: Turkey believes in providing financial aid to students. They have a wide range of scholarship programs to help students pursue further education without having the stress of funding their education.

Student Friendly: Turkey has at least one university in each city. It’s filled with social clubs, sports teams, and cultural events to bring students together. Turkey is filled with spots for students to socialize.and to get new opportunities.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Turkey Scholarships in  2021

The eligibility criteria for the Turkey Scholarship 2021 are listed below:


  • To apply for an undergraduate degree then you should not be born before January 1997.
  • To apply for the Master’s degree then you should not be born before January 1988.
  • Similarly, for PhD candidate should not be born before January 1983. And, for the Research Program, the candidate should not be born before January 1973.

Academic Performance:

  • To apply for the undergraduate program, the candidate should have secured 70% marks.
  • For apply for the Masters and PhD program, the candidate should have secured 75% marks.
  • To apply for the Medical school’s program, the candidate should have secured 90% marks.

The scholarship is only for those candidates who’re not studying in Turkey and for those who’re citizens of Turkey.

How to Apply for a scholarship in Turkey 2021

There is a specific number of students who receive scholarships in Turkey. Universities have different requirements for students to apply for scholarships. Students first need to go through the entire process clearly.

Applicants can only apply individually through the Turkish website: www.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr Turkey does not permit any institutions or persons to apply for Turkish Scholarships.

Candidates should thoroughly read the instructions and warnings in the system.

They should fill the necessary forms and upload the documents that are required.

List of Medical Colleges in Turkey for International Students

Applications should only be filled online. The Turkish government doesn’t accept applications in the form of post, courier or hand. Applications are free of charge for all international students.

Once the applicants are chosen, they can apply to any of the 12 preferences of universities and programs they choose while applying.

Things to Take Care While Writing Scholarship Request Letter

A scholarship request letter can help you get the Turkey Scholarship you’ll need.

To write a scholarship letter, here a few things to keep in mind. You need to:

Explain why you’re a good match for the scholarship:

Write clearly why you would be a good fit for their scholarship program and what you’d hope to achieve from this course of study. Based on your appeal, there are great chances of improving your chances of getting into a Turkey scholarship.

Establish and use a clear and formal tone:

Ensure that you’re not using an informal tone. This could reduce your chances of getting a scholarship in Turkey. Use a clear, crisp and formal tone to convey your appeal. This would make you sound learned, professional and it’s a great chance to show your proficiency in English.

Ensure that your cover letter matches the context of the scholarship:

Your cover letter should match the context of your scholarship request letter. A clear context in both can give the colleges a better review of your application.

Top 5 Universities of Turkey

1. Middle East Technical University (METU)

Middle East Technical University (METU) is based in Ankara, capital of Turkey. It’s ranked eighth in the EECA rankings. It has a wide range of courses and specializes in Natural and Social Sciences. They have a tuition waiver scholarships of 25% and 50% offered at the time of admission to applicants with application scores. The annual Tuition fees for new Undergraduate International Students who register for 2020-2021 Academic Year is 9000 USD.

2. Boğaziçi Üniversitesi

The university is also ranked in the top 10 universities in the latest EECA ranking. It was established in 1863. It was the first American University established outside America. They have great scholarship opportunities with a wide range of courses.

3. Koç University

It is a private,  non-profit research-intensive institution that was founded in 1993. It’s based on the principle of creative teacher/ participatory learning. Since its foundation, Koç University encourages the search for developments and truth through research. They evaluate the applications of scholarship and then decide the waiver. It could be full (100%) or partial (50%, 25%) tuition-only scholarships. These depend on various parameters. The tuition fees vary according to the courses ranging from 19,500 USD to 26,500 USD.

4. Bilkent University

Ranked 14th among the EECA ratings, Bilkent is a great place for a student to study. It was founded in 1984 by İhsan Doğramacı, a Turkish academician. It boasts the most extensive academic library in the country. Applicants who are qualified are offered partial or full tuition waiver for scholarships. The fees vary on the type of course taken.

5. Sabanci Univesity

Ranked in the 18th place in the EECA rankings, Sabanci University is home to over 4000 students. Sabanci University has various courses ranging from Engineering to Social Sciences and Arts. Based on the merit of the scholarship application, they offer tuition waivers of 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.

Popular Courses in Colleges of Turkey

Students who apply for Turkey government scholarships often look at the wide ranges of courses available.

The top 5 courses in colleges of Turkey are:

1. Master of Science in Computer Engineering:

The Master in Computer Engineering is a great fit for those who’d like to explore more in the area of Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and other core areas in computers.

2. Bachelor in Business Administration:

BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. It’s a three-year undergraduate course that is great for those who want to establish themselves as the pioneers in the Business world.

3. Bachelor of Science:

Bachelor of Science is a graduate-level course that allows students to study subjects like physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, zoology, statistics and home science.

4. Check Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS):

These two courses are a combination of two professional undergraduate medical degrees. It’s for the students who’re aspiring to become doctors, surgeons, and healthcare workers.

5. Bachelor in Hotel Management:

Bachelor in Hotel Management is a great course for those who have an impressive personality or possess great communication skills. It’s a great fit for those who see themselves building a good career in the Hospitality industry.

Why Pakistani Students Prefer to Study in Turkey?

Turkey is a great place for students from across the world.  Universities offer great scholarships for Pakistani students in Turkey.

Higher Education Opportunities:

It’s a beautiful country that has around 94.2 per cent schooling rate. It implements the Bologna Process and is involved in European Higher Education. Turkey is also one of the most successful countries who’re participating in various exchange programs under Erasmus.

Diverse Options:

Turkey is home to around 206 universities. It has around 8 million students and more than 58,000 programs. This diversity in university and programs is great for a student to find a good program.

Living Conditions:

Turkey is the most affordable than in other countries. A student can comfortably meet their needs for accommodation, food, drink and entertainment. Students who live in Turkey are customed to public transport as there is a wide range of discounts for students.


Turkey government scholarships offer great opportunities for students to access further education. Turkey is a student-centric country with a wide range of options for financial aid and programs. This beautiful country is home to 8 million students and can offer a great place for you.

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